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(Not yet) Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the authors.

How does it work?

We are building a platform which will enable authors, creators and publishers to distribute their digital comics directly to readers.

Once you’ve uploaded your work, our system gives you the ability to generate different final versions and previews for a wide range of devices. It allows you to see who is viewing your work, analyzes web traffic and e-commerce data, and enables you to receive direct payments directly from the end user. It’s not quite ready yet but we are working on it!

What about pilots?

We will be choosing a few projects to get us started. Are you interested?

We will use these projects to help us test the platform and, in return for helping us, you’ll get a site designed for you where you can sell your digital comics. A curated beta.

What kind of site?

Our vision is simple but clear.

The site is designed to be a highly customizable personal showcase for your work. Every page will give your readers the opportunity to discover your art and give them the possibility to own a copy for themselves.

Your work is really the centerpiece of the site: the only thing that really matters. A preview is just a few taps away and gives your readers the confidence that everything will work on their shiny new device.

Your readers will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of your work, almost without intermediaries, knowing that by doing so they are supporting their favourite artists. Most importantly, you will remain in control.

What about my work?

You can sell your own comic books, the comics that you own rights to, a new serial project or an old volume that is no longer available in print. In a nutshell: you can sell what you want, providing you are legally entitled to do so.

What About Rights?

You transfer all rights to us, you will not get any percentage and we will keep the originals…


No, no, we are kidding of course! You retain all rights and control over your work. We simply enable you to distribute it to your potential fans.

How can readers purchase my work?

The readers can purchase a copy of your work using PayPal. It is fast, secure and convenient. We will also be considering other potential payment systems.

How much will they pay?

You, as the author, are free to choose the price of your work (subject to a minimum figure). You can also define a starting price and allow readers to pay more if they so desire. You can create bundles of different issues, You can offer special deals, and if you have a different pricing system in mind, please feel free to contact us!

How much will this cost to me?

Why? Because by doing so, we earn if you earn. You and your readers are our true customer. Nothing is really free: Don’t be a free user.

What percentage is your fee?

We will publish the percentage fee when we launch the platform.

How will I be paid?

Every transaction will be paid directly to you, minus our percentage.

How do I upload my work?

For digital comics, we currently accept a folder or a Zip file containing high-resolution JPEG images, one image per page. In addition, you can also upload a PDF, if you have one available.

How will my readers be able to view my work?

We intend to support a wide range of end-user devices and applications. We will suggest the most interesting methods to your readers.

The formats that are currently available are: PDF, ePub (in different versions) and CBZ/CBR. We can offer both high and low resolution versions.

The files are devoid of limitations. For Everyone. Now. Everywhere. Always.

Everyone? Now? Everywhere? Always?

Know your audience. See who accesses what, check your sales figures, analyze traffic volumes of your work, find out who follows you.


Short answer: No!

The long answer is obviously longer…

What about digital watermarking?

A watermark is like a signature which identifies the owner of the work. Although it is a mild form of DRM, it is not too invasive.

We would like to play and experiment with these concepts, transforming them into especially crafted digitally signed editions.

What about Signed Editions?

We believe that your work and the buying experience should be personalized. We will bring you more information on this later..

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